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So, I’ve moved home for the Easter holidays. I was supposed to be going to the dentist, but like the plank I am, I mixed up the days. So instead I’ve done nothing all day. I have, however, managed to watch a film. And this is it! Day 57. Brace yourselves.

Super 8. A group of kids witness a horrific train wreck that ultimately leads to something a lot more sinister.

I’m going to warn you. If you haven’t watched this film and don’t want it ruined, I wouldn’t read any further. I will more than likely spoil it for you.

I had quite a lot of expectations for this film. Many a people, including my housemate, have told me that I need to watch it. So, surely this film is amazing?


Don’t get me wrong. The visuals are amazing. The train wreck, although perhaps a little over the top for my liking, was pretty amazing. And the ‘thing’ itself (I will get to this later) was very pretty. They got all of those things right.

It’s just the story itself. It wasn’t that great. Sorry guys.

I was so excited to know what it was that was caged up in that train. My mind boggled, it really did. And then I saw numerous legs. And I read the title. It’s a freaking spider. Or close enough to one. It’s a bit more sophisticated that your bog standard eight legged freak. But when it comes down to it, it’s a damn spider. I hate spiders. I don’t enjoy films about spiders (Eight-Legged Freaks for example), so that brought my mood down significantly. I really should have twigged with the name of the damn film really. But no. I didn’t. And now I’m bummed out.

Then there were the people themselves. They were all just annoying. Seriously, not one of them managed to make me like them throughout the whole damn thing. This film pretty much clarifies to me why it was that I dislike kids in films. Every one of them were either trying to be funny, smart, or emotional. Result? Annoyance, bad acting, and quite a lot of vomit. Yep, one of the kids vomited several times throughout this film. Each time pretty random and not necessary. And the adults didn’t really do a much better job. So, yeah, acting fail.

And then there’s the ending. I am pretty much livid at the ending. It was one of those typical ‘and they all lived happily ever after’ moments. BLARGH! No! This should not have happened! This is possibly one of the most disappointing movie endings I’ve watched as of yet. Just because it has kids in doesn’t mean that it has the right to have a crappy ending. Especially when the story is lacking anything anyway! Argh, the rage running through my veins right now…

So, if you’re interested in explosions, trains and weird spider things, this is the film for you. If like me, you enjoy a decent plot line and a satisfying ending, you may end up feeling a little deprived after this. I sure as hell did.

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I am personally rather gutted that some of these aren’t real…maybe now they will be?

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Well, I’ve spent a couple of days packing and getting ready to leave for the Easter Holidays, so haven’t had a chance to watch many films. When I get back to my mum’s my film watching will more than likely increase. But I managed to squeeze in a film before I left. And here it is! Day 56.

The Game. A wealthy man, unhappy with his life, receives a gift card for a real life game and ends up in a life threatening situation.

Before I start this review, I would just like to point out to everyone that they have indeed just lost The Game. Bahaha! Sorry, childish moment over now. I’ll get on with the review.

This was one of the films on my list that I was looking forward to watching. The concept is fascinating to me (seeing as I am somewhat of a gamer) so I was interested to know how this would work.

It was a bit…meh.

The beginning was very promising. The news reporter on the television did kind of freak my out a little bit. I thought that I may wonder about my own life after this film (seeing as when I was younger I was convinced my life was like The Truman Show). But as the film went on, it just got a little predictable to me.

Just so we’re clear…spoilers are on the way…so, you know…

The whole thing wasn’t real in the end. That was kind of obvious. And it just got a little stupid. I don’t know, but when I imagined this film, I wanted there to be objectives and all that, and little notes to let him know he was at least still in the game. I don’t mind the ‘let’s pretend to kill him’ part of the film, that was okay. But I wanted him to be told ‘you have to do these things, otherwise we will kill you’. That’s my own personal opinion anyway.

The acting wasn’t bad. I mean, it wasn’t the best I’ve ever seen. Michael Douglas was on and off for me. There were occasions where I thought he was fantastic…and then others where he was blah. This was the same for all the acting in it really. It was inconsistent. I don’t know. I just had such high expectations of it, and it fell short.

I really wanted to like this film. I really did. But I just didn’t. It wasn’t really what I expected at all, and it was just too predictable for me. So I really don’t have that much to say about it. It’s worth a watch, I suppose. But not one that will go on my favourites list.

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I’ve worked out that there are many films on my list that I really do not want to watch. Not because they’re going to be ‘bad’ films, they’re just going to be too political or slow or things like that. So I really need to start watching them. So that’s why I chose this film as Day 55.

Hotel Rwanda. The true story of a man stuck in a civil war, trying to shelter 1200oish enemies in his hotel.

As you may remember from previous posts, I’m not a fan of politics or anything of the sort. I do not vote. I do not get involved in things that require me to choose ‘sides’.

This is why.

This film shows exactly what it is about politics I do not like. The rioting that has happened in recent years is also enough to make me sick to my stomach, but this story is even worse. Millions of people died because of what they were, and the government did not help. We are sick creatures to allow stuff like this to happen. We truly are. I refuse to be involved in anything that allows this kind of cruelty to happen.

So, as you may notice, I didn’t like the story. Not because it was a bad one, but similarly to The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, I don’t like what we humans are capable and quite willing to do to ourselves. No one deserves to have this kind of stuff happen to them. I hate war. I hate everything about it. And I refuse to support anything about it.

So enough of that. You get the picture. Let’s move onto the film itself.

The acting was spectacular. Don Cheadle was just magnificent. I felt every word he said and all the pain he was going through. I wish I had enjoyed the film because of this man. But, like I said, because of the nature of the film, I can’t say I enjoyed it.

Like The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, this film is shot beautifully. But I didn’t like what I saw. It was so beautiful, yet horrific at the same time. All those corpses along that road…that image will possibly haunt me for a good while. I can’t even begin to imagine how that man felt, because what I saw in this film was bad enough.

I can’t really find a fault for this film. Which is why it’s so difficult for me to say that I didn’t enjoy it. This film hasn’t given me such a strong response as The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, possibly because of how it ended, but I didn’t enjoy it. I can’t wrap my head around the thought of enjoying a film like this. It moved me, and upset me, so therefore it did it’s job. That is something that in my anger I didn’t mention in yesterday’s film. My friend’s made it quite clear to me that it had done it’s job. And so has this film. But I will not ever say that it was a film that I liked to watch.

For the same reasons as yesterday, I won’t recommend this film. Only because I didn’t enjoy it. But it is a beautifully done film, and the acting is spectacular. But I just can’t recommend it, only because of the response I have had.

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After calming down significantly after the last film (mainly through listening to cheesy music), I decided I needed to watch another film. My friend, feeling rather bad at telling me about the last film, decided that this one might be a better option for me. So if I hate Day 54, it’s her fault

City of Angels. This follows the story of Seth, an angel who falls in love with a doctor and struggles with his immortality.

If you know me at all, you will know my opinion on Nicholas Cage. He never ceases to infuriate me. I’ve liked a few of his films (National Treasure, Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Wicker Man), but not because of him. He is just awful. Really bad. I don’t know if it’s actually him or just really bad scripts. But whatever the case, I was not looking forward to watching this film because he was in it.

I’m so annoyed at myself.

Yes. I liked Nicholas Cage in this film. But purely because his really bad acting worked in this film. It’s kind of like Orlando Bloom as Legolas. Some characters call for expressionless actors. Seth ‘Plate’ was one of these characters.

And I’m actually going to shoot myself for saying this, but I found myself falling slightly in love with the damn angel. Don’t ask me to repeat that statement, and in future instances I will more than likely deny this statement. Or maybe plead insanity. But yeah. Okay. I did. Shut up.

Enough on Cage. Let’s move to the actual story.

I actually really liked this film. At first, the idea of angels technically being stalkers freaked me out a little bit. But in the end, I didn’t really mind. The concept was really interesting, and I found myself drawn to it. And like I said…falling in…yeah you know the story.

The romance element was a little like Twilight, but to be honest, it was much better. Can’t really ruin the film for anyone, but it actually was a pretty soppy story. I was worried some tears may fall for Nicholas Cage. Luck was on my side. I remained dry-eyed. But that is the biggest reaction he’s gotten off me, even if it didn’t actually happen. So congrats, Cage!

I’m just going to say…The sex. Oh. My. Life. I never want to see Nicholas Cage having sex ever again. Particularly not as an angel. It is the most cringeworthy scene of the whole thing. I couldn’t actually watch it without looking away and giggling like some 12 year old kid in sex education class. It was pretty shocking. Probably the worst part of the film.

The end was a little bit anticlimatic. Well, no, that’s the wrong word. It just isn’t quite what I expected. I don’t know if I was disappointed that it ended the way it did, or whether I was disappointed that it ended at all. I’m a little confused. I would have liked a different ending, but not because it was disappointing. I just wanted a different ending. I shall say no more on the matter.

So, what do I think of this film. I will probably put my hands in the air and admit that this is a Nicholas Cage film that I actually did enjoy. And that has annoyed me. A lot. But in a good way. Now, I will go erase all knowledge of any compliments towards him that I made…I’m sorry, who are you?

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After a nice squishy film, I thought I would go into one that is a little more deep and meaningful. So here’s what I chose for Day 53.

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas. A film adaption of the novel, this story follows Bruno, a child who befriends another child in a Nazi camp during the war.

I got told that this was a child’s book. So I really wasn’t expecting too much agony out of it.

I feel sick.

What person in their right mind would class this a ‘child’s book’? Please, someone explain to me how treating Jewish people like dirt and burning them (and you know, showing it) is suitable for children. It’s sick.

I know it happened. Sadly, there isn’t anything we can do to change that. But I don’t know why anyone would want to show this to children. And especially bring children into it. No. I don’t care how historically true this is. It’s disgusting.

There is nothing about this film that improves on its content to me. I am so angry and upset and bothered by this film, that I can’t compliment anything. There were good things in it, I’m pretty damn sure of it. But all I can see is the negative because of what it’s about. I am literally shaking with rage.

I’m going to have to try though.

It’s very well shot. Every single shot showed me how disgusting Nazi’s were, and made me seethe inside. So that was good I guess.

The historical content was more than likely accurate. Jews were treated like vermin, killed and burned. They didn’t care about whether they were adult or, you know, children. They are just Jews. So all should die. Yep. Historically accurate.

So, as you can see, there are good things about this film. But those things make me more and more angry and sick and upset. I don’t actually want to talk about it anymore. I’m now going to find a nice film to watch. One that doesn’t make me want to throw up.

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I’ve had one hell of a week. I am completely emotionally drained (in both good and bad ways) so I have decided that today I will watch more films. Huzzah! Day 52!

Whisper of the Heart. A story about a young girl who, after finding a friend through library books, struggles to find her own path in life.

I have always loved Studio Ghibli, ever since a friend of mine introduced me to Howl’s Moving Castle and My Neighbour Totoro. I haven’t seen all of them, but I’m slowly making my way through them. I’m pretty sure it was my friend who told me that this one would be a good one to watch, so in any case, I give all film choice credit to him.

This film is just so lovely.

I mean, okay, so it’s not a blockbuster. It isn’t emotionally deep or action film or anything like that. It’s just one of those films that is easy to watch and you feel squishy afterwards. I feel like a teenage girl right now…all high on life and giggling and all that.

You know what does mildly disturb me about this film (and in fact most animes)? The fact that I cannot help but fall in love with the main man. Oh no, wait. Let me change that last word. Boy. Yes, the main guy in this is probably only about 15 or 16. And yet I fell head over heels for him. That is not a good thing. I’m 22. I shouldn’t be doing this! But you know what? For now, I don’t care. He was lovely, and squishy, and I want one.

And you know what else I love about this film? Country Roads. Yes, I love both the English and the Japanese version. In fact, halfway through this film I decided that I wanted the songs, and after an hour and a half of getting all the cheesy songs that I used to listen to when I was little, I remembered that I was watching this film. That is what this film did to me.

I also love all the references to the other Ghibli movies in this one. Porco Rosso on the clock, the Baron being from The Cat Returns (or rather, The Cat Returns being created from this film) and I’m not sure if this was at all meant as a reference, but the castle in the sky sure as hell made me think of Laputa: Castle in the Sky. It just made me smile that all these films were linked. Genius.

I could ramble on forever about how much I love this film, but I really need to watch another film. So I’ll end on the note of watch this film. I don’t care if you’re the most hard-hearted person in the world, you will feel squishy after this film. Or I kill you.

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