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You may have noticed that today I conquered the book of the day…or, if you didn’t know that, then I have indeed and therefore have been able to post a film today! The book near killed any brain cells I have left, but I don’t care. I did it. No more books to be read, and lots of writing to do. But that’s tomorrow’s story. For now, lets just get on with the film of the day.

Anonymous. The film is a re-look at who we know to be the greatest playwright of all time and questions whether or not that statement is true.

I saw this trailer in the cinema when I went to see the second Sherlock Holmes movie, and knew it was one that I had to see. As a drama student, I have read my fair share of Shakespeare (not as much as other drama students, but enough for my lifetime). I am not a fan of his work, so when I heard about the film that was going to show him as a fraud, I jumped at the chance.

And on that level, it did not disappoint.

In this film, Shakespeare is nothing more than a twat. Seriously. He whined. He slurred. He destroyed any idea I had of the man himself. Brilliant! I couldn’t stand the man, and so it makes it so much easier for me to hate him! I really doubt this story is the true story, but darn it I really want it to be! I really want Shakespeare to be an illiterate clown. You don’t know how much I do!

The story itself though was really not about him. Which made this film all the more wonderful. It was about an affair between Queen Elizabeth I and Edward de Vere. And the rebellion against the Cecil’s. And the struggles of Ben Jonson, another playwright. Shakespeare, funnily enough, was very rarely in the film. I love it!

To be honest, the story did bounce back and forth between times a little too much for me to understand. So, you know, I don’t really know how the story ended. Well. I do. But it makes no sense to me. Won’t ruin it though. But yeah, I found it hard to follow at times. But nonetheless, I liked it. I liked it very much.

The acting kind of varied in this film. You had the higher up people who were played fantastically by their actors. Rhys Ifans being the obvious person here, but the women playing the Elizabeth’s were equally amazing. But then you had Shakespeare and Jonson who were…ehhhhh. I mean, the guy made Shakespeare nice and hate-able, but I wouldn’t say it was a great performance. I don’t know…it bothered me that half of the people impressed me and half of them didn’t. But not that much.

I was also impressed at my knowledge of Shakespeare. Yeah, I won’t lie. I was sitting here, naming all of the plays that I remembered and nearly killed myself when Hamlet turned up. This was partially because I was into the film, but mainly because I wanted to show my mum how clever I am. I don’t often get to do that *sigh*. But anyway. The way they fit the plays into the film was very well done. They also seemed a lot more interesting than any, and I mean any, Shakespeare play that I’ve seen. As normal, I didn’t understand the language, but the presentation and effort and all that seemed a lot more compelling to me. So yeah. I like that.

Would I recommend this to people? Depends on who you are. If you’re a devotee to the work of Shakespeare, then I would run far far away. Your beloved master is made out a fool *bahahaha* and you will not like it. But if you really don’t give a damn and like the historical stuff that and want to see Shakespeare ‘The Twat’, then go grab your popcorn now.

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I thought I’d start this post off by saying that it can be expected that I won’t be posting as often for the next 4 or 5 weeks. University work is a little bit of a priority…but I’ve read the allocated book for the day and whilst my mum is out I thought I would watch a film to pass my time…

Eden Lake. A British horror film following a couple that go for a romantic trip that goes horribly wrong.

I must admit something, before we go on. I’m a Michael Fassbender fan (if you don’t already know that). I’m aiming to watch all of his films. And I’m doing pretty good so far. So that’s why I decided to watch this film. Not the reason I watched it today though…it was simply the first film I grabbed. But, you know, in the long run, it was for Mr Fassbender.


I was expecting more gore, I must admit. So in that sense, I’m pretty glad that it was watchable for me. But daaaaym this film is sick. Like, seriously. There’s the occasional gross moment in this film, but that’s not really what it is about this film that makes my stomach turn…

It’s how sick people can be to each other. You see films like Saw (not seen that yet and not looking forward to it at all) and this film would in comparison be quite tame. But Saw you realise the unlikeliness of that actually happening. In this film…well, let’s just say that I could see this kind of stuff happening. And it’s sick. It shows just how twisted people, and in particular teenagers, can be in this day and age. And it makes me wonder why? Why do people get off on this kind of thing? I kind of feel scared to walk in the woods alone now…really, that’s how much this film has scared me.

And it’s all because of Jack O’Connell. I’ve seen him in Skins, and he plays a prat in that too. But, you know, he never killed anyone. In this, he gets off on shredding Fassbender up, burning him and a small child (yeah…small child…) and bashing his friend’s face in until he dies. I haven’t seen O’Connell play any other kind of role, but this has got to be his finest yet. He is sadistic, and chillingly suited to this role. I could see this boy doing this everyday. Not sure if that’s good acting on his half or just himself exaggerating his behaviour, but holy hell, man!

Sad to say that O’Connell stole the show, in my opinion. We have Kelly Reilly, a slightly less known actress to me…well, completely unknown actually. And, yeah, okay, she’s okay. Her running away from hoodies scenes are pretty convincing. It’s just everything else. The scenes with Fassbender all come off a little whiny and pathetic. It irritates me. A lot. But then again, I suppose that’s always the way in horror films, isn’t it? Throw in a really annoying leading lady and you’re sure to have a convincing horror film, because they pretty much always turn out as badasses. Well, yep film. You succeeded in that.

And then there’s Fassbender. The reason I watched the film in the first place. Well…let’s just say that I prefer his more complex characters, like Magneto or David (yeah, I have already decided that his Prometheus character will be awesome from the viral I saw on Filmophilia’s site. But my life, this man doesn’t half go through hell in this film. And he does so very well. As he gets his side ripped up, I actually felt it. It was horrible. And as he was dying in his girlfriend’s arms and telling her his plans for their honeymoon, I think I may have teared up a bit. And it’s not often that I do that during horror films. But yeah, as much as I loved this character, I will hold my hands up and say that this is not his greatest role.

And the way this film was done is genius. I mean, half of the time you don’t see the horrors that happen to Fassbender or see the child burning (yep, I won’t let you forget that), which I suppose in a way is good. But you see it in your mind. And I don’t know if that’s worse or not, but it sure made me puke a little in my mouth. And the things you do see, like the rock through her foot, are just sick. Really horrible. Not stupidly over the top with blood splurging everywhere, but just that right kind of nastiness that will possibly give me nightmares tonight. So this is the right kind of wrong. Because that foot scene is bloody wrong!

So I suppose you can tell that I liked this film right? Not for the reasons that I thought I would though. Fassbender really didn’t shine too much, neither did Reilly, but O’Connell and the sick, twisted way in this film worked is what made me fall pretty much in love with it. Not sure what it is about sick films nowadays, but I seem to be liking more and more of them. Not that I like what I see…but the fact that it made me sick without making me sick…does that make sense.

Regardless. Watch it. Now. Do it. You doing it? GO!

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So, today was full of researching for Playwriting and reading books on the subject for my literary review section of a portfolio. Yep, the life of a drama student is very exciting. But I’m the kind of person who needs something on in the background in order to focus. I don’t know why, but I can’t focus in silence. I go off into daydreams and get nothing done. So, I put today’s film on in the background. So be wary…I only half watched it.

Eyes Wide Shut. This film follows Bill, a doctor who had an argument with his wife after she suggests that she could cheat on him and then goes off to discover other sexual experiences.

I only found this film the other week after a programme I watched had finished and I couldn’t be bothered to switch the channel over. I was too tired to watch it at that point however (it was aired at about midnight, and I needed sleepy time) so I recorded it using the snazzy SkyPlus feature and toddled off to bed. So, I knew nothing about this film, and therefore no preconceptions about it.

I did quite like it, actually.

I mean, okay, so I didn’t really understand what was going on, because my nose was buried in a book for half of the time, but what I did see was really good. And I have one of those feelings that it’s one of those kind of films where you don’t always know what’s going on, even at the end, but I didn’t really care. I liked it.

There was a lot of nakedness though. Like, full on. Seriously. For that reason, I’m pretty glad it was on in the background, because I might have been uncomfortable with the amount of it. But it wasn’t distasteful, funnily enough. It also wasn’t shoved in your face. It was just kind of…well there. I don’t know what I mean by that, I’m sorry. Just take what you will from it.

The acting was really good too. Tom Cruise is growing on me more and more. I’ve not seen him in much to be honest, but what I have seen him in, I do think he’s pretty good. And Nicole Kidman is, once again, good. A couple of dodgy laughing moments, but forgivable. She’s wonderful, so there you go.

What I thought was the best thing about this film was nothing actually to do with it. Sounds weird, but bear with me. My play that I’m writing hit a rut, and a couple of days ago I realised that it was going to take a more sadistic twist. Yeah, I mean sacrifices, rituals, all that horrible stuff that I’m pretty mortified to be intrigued about. So, as I was watching this film (by which point I had been totally distracted from my book) along comes the cult scene. And it was beautiful. Not the subject…that would make me a little weird. But the irony of being distracted by this film only to have it smack me in the face with something that I could actually use! The scene was scary and eerie and damn freaky, and to have it be something that I could take inspiration from is wonderful.

So, yeah, sorry about the short review. I didn’t really watch it, like I said, and even less so after it throwing me further into my work. But you know what? I thought it was really beautiful, and will more than likely watch i properly all the way through when I have more time on my hands. So, if it makes me want to re-watch it, that’s a pretty good sign, right?

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After the somewhat success of the last film, I thought I would test the film that I got dirt cheap the other day. The cover seemed interesting, so you know…

My Life Without Me. After a young woman discovers she has terminal cancer, she decides to live her life the way she wants to.

I like tearjerkers. I’m the first to admit that I like a good cry during a film. And the last thing I watched about cancer (The Big C), I sobbed so very much. So surely this is going to have me in tears again?


Now, I don’t know if this is a common occurrence with cancer patients, but instead of telling her family about it, she lied and cheated. Now, I’m sorry, but no matter who you are, there is no excuse for cheating. None. And to do it to a husband as nice as hers? Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid.

Not only a cheat, but a really really annoying person anyway. That’s the main character ladies and gentleman. I felt no sympathy for her at all. And that makes me feel really mean. She just annoyed me on every single level. She’s just pathetic. She isn’t a nice person. RAGE!

I liked the two men in her life though. Scott Speedman in particular. He was a very nice husband, and I really hope that someday I find a man like him. He did not need to be cheated on. And the guy she cheated on him with, Mark Ruffalo, is a likable guy too. Okay, so he’s a little creepy and totally aware that she’s married, but I liked him towards the end.

The script was terrible. It was meant to be deep and profound, but I just found it annoying and whiney and fake. Yeah. Fake. Not a good thing for a tearjerker. Some of the lines were just horrifically cheesy. Lies. A lot of the film of was horrifically cheesy. So, as a result, my eyes were bone dry throughout the whole thing. Stupid damn film.

I’m not wasting my breath on this film anymore. It was just rubbish. Everything about it annoyed me, I didn’t feel sympathetic to a dying woman and in the end I was begging her to die so the film would end. Horrible? Probably. Do I care? No.

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I’ve been neglecting you all for a few days. I have got a legitimate reason for doing so this time though. I was helping my friend move house, during which time he had no internet. So, again, I apologise. But give me 5 weeks and then I will be on the ball! Promise! So, shall we get on with the show? Yeah, I think so.

The Awakening. A hoax debunker is asked to take on the case of a haunting at a boys boarding school, and finds that what she believes might not be true.

I love scary films. I really do. So, naturally, upon hearing about this film, seeing the trailer on the television, and also my mum’s enthusiasm to see it, I decided that it was a film that I wanted to see.

I don’t really know what I think…

Okay, so yeah, it occasionally sent a shiver down my spine. But I think that’s more because of me being easily scared. But I don’t know whether I would call it an amazing horror movie. Why you ask? Let me tell you.

It confused me. A lot. And not just the main story. That pretty much worked itself out at the end, as most of these kind of films do. It was other little things that confused me. Like why Robert (the love interest in the film) ran to his room to convulse, and on another occasion to talk to someone that is never explained, or why upon seeing a ghost child in a photograph they proceeded to do the rumpy-bumpy. Why did these things happen? I don’t get it.

And the ghost child. He was a little…crap. Yeah, like I said it occasionally scared me a little bit when he randomly popped up, but when I actually looked at it, he looked a little stupid. The horrific shot in the photograph right at the beginning was possibly the best he looked. Nah. Wasn’t impressed with his appearance if I’m honest.

And while we’re at it, let me talk about the main character, Florence. She really wound me up. Not only did she and Robert waste precious story telling time with rampant fooling around at a random time, she just really pissed me off. She tries to kill herself, then proceeds to make sweet love to herself in the bath about 20 minutes later. And it doesn’t stop there, oh no. She remembers that there’s a hole for peeping toms in the wall (because she watched Robert, a man she had met possibly the day before, bath a few days earlier because….well I don’t know why) and panics, gets out of the bath and then decides it’s actually okay for him to look at her. What? I know that people can be interchangeable, but that is just ridiculous. Four changes in the space of possibly 20 minutes in screen time. This is worse than the first few episodes of The Vampire Diaries (you’ll know what I mean if you’ve watched it). So yeah. She annoyed me.

But Rebecca Hall is an amazing actress. In fact, everyone in this film are fantastic actors. Dominic West and Imelda Stauton are brilliant. But then again, they pretty much are amazing in everything I’ve seen them in. The casting crew could not have chosen a better cast, they really couldn’t.

And it was a very visually stunning film. Apart from the ghost kid, of course. I really enjoyed the beauty of the cinematic choices. I mean, even the random self-sexy-time scene was beautifully shot. So, you know, even though I didn’t really understand some of the choices the film made, I liked watching it.

So, yeah, that’s kind of an indecisive review. But that’s how I feel about this film. A lot of things annoyed me, but I liked how it looked. So…I suppose it’s worth a watch. A lot of people are raving about it, so I could be wrong. It might be just a little bit too sophisticated for me. I don’t know. Watch it I guess. Let me know what you think.

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So, after a bit of a flop with Captain America, my friend decided to give up on trying to please me and put on a film that is a guilty pleasure of his. And so that is where we find ourselves with Day 71.

Mortal Kombat. A bunch of humans are taken to an island to fight to save the world. Oh, and if you hadn’t guessed, it’s based on a game.

I knew this film was going to be bad. It’s a guilty pleasure, so it, by law, has to be bad.

It didn’t disappoint, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Okay, so, the acting was bad. Bad bad bad bad bad. The villain had over-exaggerated facial expression that were badly contrasted to the main character’s under-achieving facial expressions. I mean, come on guys. Meet in the middle, surely? And both women in the film were pretty much annoying. And actually, now that I think about it, pretty much in the same boat as the two men: one over exaggerated whilst the other just existed. Film fail automatically.

But then you know what? Johnny Cage turned up. NOM! You really know how to keep my attention film, because Johnny Cage was really the only thing I was interested in as soon as they killed off Kano. Not really a massive spoiler there, but oopsie if you are sad that I ruined the film. But yeah, back to Cage. Not the best of actors, but a good source of comic relief, and a damn good source of eye-candy. Hells Yeah!

There’s also Goro. Now, he is rather amazing. From what my friend told me, he is a robot. And this is a robot done right. If you compare him to the CGI in this film, he is a breath of fresh air. I mean, okay, there were moment where it could have been improved, but I’ll forgive it. It’s okay. You did much better than nearly every other character in the film.

Oh. And don’t forget the music. That is some bad ass music. Even during the pretty crappy fight scenes, I found myself bopping along to the wonderful music. I kind of feel like I want it on my iPod. The music certainly grabbed me at the beginning, during the boring fight scenes, and just something that will more than likely stick with me for a good while.

Okay. So if you can get past the general awfulness of this film, it’s worth a watch. It’s one of those films you can sit and laugh at with friends, and not feel like you wasted your life. It is, like my friend stated, a guilty pleasure. Not really my first choice of guilty pleasures when it comes to films (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Pagemaster are two of those), but yeah, I will say that this might become one of them.

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So, I’ve been slacking the past couple of days. My excuse? University work. Yep. But the next few days are filled with helping my friend moving house, and in between we will be watching films. The same friend that tortures me with bad movies, just so you know. But today, he’s feeling generous. He thought it was about time that I watched a decent movie. And so here we are, Day 70.

Captain America. Based on the comic by Marvel, a weedy man turns into a superhero to defeat Nazi’s.

My friend assured me that this, in fact, would be a good film. Usually, I take his word for it when he says films are good. And seeing as he’s put me through enough hell in the past few weeks, I thought he was being geniune.


I’m going to sound rather hypocritical right now. I’m sure you are well aware that in films, I love the good guy. You know the ones that I mean; the ones that will do anything for the ones they love, to the point where it probably becomes pathetic. Whilst everyone else in the room is criticizing that character, I feel all squishy and mushy and just want one to hang up on my wall and say squishy and mushy things at me. So, naturally, along comes Captain America, possibly the most genuine superhero of all time, who will do whatever he can to save the world. Surely, surely, I will fall head over heels in love with him.


I’m sorry guys. I don’t know what it is, but he’s too perfect. I mean, superheros need some kind of flaw. That’s what makes you want to follow them, you know? They have that one moment of weakness, that moment where they could, and seriously want to, destroy everything and everyone around them. And then, hey ho, all’s good again and they save the world. Yay! Captain America doesn’t have this moment. He’s too damn nice. And that bugs the hell out of me. It really does. And, I’m sorry, Chris Evans possibly does a fantastic job, but no. I didn’t like this superhero. Sorry.

And then there’s the ‘love interest’. I have never heard anyone so painfully British in my entire existence. And I am British! It was honestly like she was thrown into the film literally so Britain could have it’s say in WW2. Every word that came out of that woman’s mouth was just agonizing. And her range of emotions. Oh, she had so many. Ugh. Stupid cow.

Enough of that. Let’s move to what I did like.

Hugo freaking Weaving. This man does everything like a baws. Okay, so maybe his German accent was slightly dodgy, and yes, okay, that one line “YOU ARE FAILING” was slightly comical to me, but everything else this man did was just god-like. He is far too good for this film. You do not mess with this man, otherwise you will be killed in possibly the most horrific way imaginable. Yep. Damn straight. Hugo Weaving, ladies and gentlemen.

Stanley Tucci. So, okay, this man is not in the film for very long, but you know what? I don’t care. He is amazing in everything he does. He has a bad accent too in this film, but pah! Forgiven! I like him. Not much more need be said.

And you know what? I like the ending. My friend told me that I would, and guess what? I did. It made me feel squishy. Took long enough did it not? But yeah, I like it. Can’t ruin it, in case you haven’t seen this already, but it is a pretty good ending.

So, would I watch this film again. Probably not. From the Marvel line, I’m more of an X-Men or Hulk girl. This, Iron Man and Thor just don’t cut it for me. Kind of leaves me wondering whether or not I should bother even attempting to watch The Avengers movie that everyone’s all hyped up about. But, I’m not a fan of the comic. From what I’ve heard, this film is the best Marvel movie out there for the comic lovers, so go ahead and watch it. Even if it is just for Hugo Weaving.

Oh. Click this. It’s what should have been said. You’ll know what I mean.

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