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So here we go. These next two films are the ones that I’ve been wanting to talk about to anyone and everyone for the past few days. And I’m happy to say that they are films 99 and 100! I’ve come so far, but would probably be even further ahead of myself if I hadn’t been finishing my university life. D’oh! Anyway…

Birdemic: Shock and Terror. A film about birds attacking.

This has been called one of the worst films out there. I found this on a Youtube video showing scenes of the worst films ever. And then I watched the trailer. And then I knew I needed to see it.

This. Film. Is. Brilliant.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not brilliant in the same way that The Green Mile and The Lord of the Rings are brilliant. Oh no no no no no. This film is brilliant in the way that Manos: Hands of Fate was brilliant. Let me explain…

The title pretty much says the emotions we are meant to feel. Emphasis on ‘meant’. Throughout this film, I was howling with laughter. No ‘shock’. No ‘terror’. Just comedy. There is just so many things wrong with this film, I would even go to say it is worse than Manos. Yes. I said it. And this film was made in 2008! It has no excuse!

The CGI is so bad that it’s good. I mean…the birds…oh my life. I don’t really know how to explain it. These were birds…but they were kind of like those GIFs you see on the internet. They’re just stuck onto the screen and repeat their actions in their cartoon-like way. It’s so beautiful. Oh, and did I mention that they dive bomb? Yep. And they spew bird acid. Oh yes. Bird acid. I will explain no more.

Not only is the CGI bad, but the audio is horrendous. The first line of the film is literally an explosion of feedback with a high-pitched ‘Hi’ somewhere in there. That is possibly the only moment of shock I got from this film. Oh no. The other moment was the scene were a woman was killed whilst emptying her bowels. It was hilarious. But back to the audio. It was so bad. You could hear the scene cuts, you could hear the background noise, and sometimes you couldn’t even hear the very important, plot-thickening dialogues that were had. Shame.

And about the dialogue, let’s talk about the acting. Well…let’s just say it was non-existent. The leading guy in this film had the facial expressions of a rock, and the speaking skills of a plank. And I think, from the interview that I watched of the sequel (oh, I’ll get there eventually), that this guy thinks he’s…like…amazing. Come on dude. Have you watched this film? *sigh* The rest of the acting was really bad too. Sometimes it was like they were just told to make it up on the spot, or only had one take so if they fluffed up they had to continue. Oh the pain. The pain…

And the amount of scenes that were completely unnecessary? Practically all of it. For the first 45 minutes, there’s no birds. Oh, no, there’s 3 wild parrots. But they weren’t attacking anyone. So, you know, the romance and all that stuff was so important that it took up half of the film. They didn’t have the ability to, you know, merge the two things together. Oh jeez. Oh, and do you like driving? I hope you do. There’s a lot of it in this film. And singing. There’s a whole 2 minutes worth of singing and dancing in this film. ‘Good’ dancing and singing too. Yep…aren’t you jealous you didn’t see this film?

But despite every single thing that I have just said, I absolutely love this film. This is the true definition of a guilty pleasure. It is so painful to acknowledge as a film, but I love the fact that someone thought they were a cinematic god and created this beautiful thing. I am seriously considering purchasing it. Really. I am. I love it. I do.

So. Watch it. Your life will be complete when you do.

Oh yeah. The sequel! There’s a Birdemic 2: The┬áResurrection coming out this Summer! In 3D! YES! I KNOW! I am so excited. I could actually die with excitement. Watch this first one, and you will be too.



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