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Here it is everyone! Film 100! Thank you to everyone that has stuck with me after my complete uselessness at updating this thing! Hopefully from now on it will be a lot better. I’m sure going to try anyway. And hopefully I will continue to amuse and all that stuff. But let’s wait no longer! I’m so excited to write about this film. I could pee…

Prometheus. After discovering signs all over the world, a team goes out to space to find the origins of the human race and come across something a lot more sinister.

I have been excited for ages to see this film. I didn’t actually think that I would be going to see this in the cinema, due to my really bad geographical location to everything good in the world. But lo and behold! It showed up in the cinema whilst I was visiting friends. We jumped at the chance to see it, and then discovered it was in 3D. Despite seeing other films in 3D, I knew this one would trash all of those other ones because Ridley Scott made this film for 3D. So you know. So much potential.

Ooooooooooh you didn’t disappoint me Prometheus!

I love this film. In every single damn way it is possible to love a film. I could ramble on and on for so long on how much I love it. But I need to be as short as I can…

Let’s start with the 3D I guess. I’ve seen 3D film before. They’ve never really properly effected my watching experience. This film however, was absolutely breathtaking. I mean, Oh My Life. It’s a sexy sexy film. The 3D was damn near perfect. Naturally there were the occasional moment where it was just blurry, but you know. We’re still perfecting this 3D thing. I forgive you. But there were scenes in this that I just wanted to die to. I will say that I’m not sure how this film will project onto 2D screens, but nonetheless I’m excited to find out. And I am so very very very very glad that I watched it in 3D.

The acting is next. I’ll just get to the point. Michael Fassbender is the most beautiful man on this planet. His character of the android David was amazing. For a brief moment, I forgot he was this android and found his stiff walking very like ‘ooer’. But then I remembered and all that went out the window. It also tickled me how British he sounded. But again, that was when I forgot he was an android. But he was absolutely breathtaking. Breath. Taking. Yep. I love him. I do. I really do. Love love love love.

There were other actors in this film. There were, honestly. But to be honest, Fassbender thrashed them all. Although, the character was Shaw was pretty badass. I shudder at the memory of a certain scene that I cannot describe to you due to uber-spoilers, but it makes me not want to be a woman anymore. She is badass. And she bounced a lot off of David’s character. So you know. Yeah. I’m not biased…

I actually really liked the story too. I haven’t seen the Alien movies, so the issues a lot of fans have with this was kind of not applicable to me. My friends did say that they wished it had been a little bit more explanatory, but I don’t care. I don’t need to know why all these things happened. This film dug it’s hook into me, and I liked the mystery of everything that was going on.

Oh. I do love this film so. I really do. Did you notice?

I’m going to stop, otherwise I will totally blow this film for everyone. Please, for the love of everything good in the world, watch this film. Please? In 3D if you can. That experience is mind blowing. And if you have seen this film in 2D, let me know what it’s like. Because I’m going to get it on DVD the second it comes out. I love it. Yep.



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So, you know, everyone is going on about this film. Everywhere I go and everyone I talk to, it’s pretty much about this film. So, you know, stuff it. Let’s watch it!

The Avengers Assemble. After a portal to another dimension is opened, a group of heroes must join together to stop certain destruction.

Let’s just get things straight. I didn’t want to see this film. And before you go and kill me for uttering those words, let me explain why. I didn’t like Iron Man. I didn’t like Thor. I didn’t like Captain America. I don’t have a great fondness for Scarlett Johansson. And I have no idea of who Hawkeye is. So, you know, there didn’t seem to be much point in me watching it. I do however, love the Hulk. Even in that film that everyone pretends doesn’t exist. I like it. So when my friends invited me to go see it, I swallowed my pride and went to watch the Hulk and his friends.

…okay, so I loved this damn film.

I honestly don’t think I can find many flaws with it. I really don’t. It’s a bloody cracker of a film.

All those things that I didn’t like about the individual films just worked. Why couldn’t the originals been this amazing? For example, my main problem with the Captain America film was the fact that he didn’t have that one faltering moment, that one second where he showed he wasn’t all goodie two-shoes. This film sorted that out for me literally the second he turned up. Thank you film. Thank you. And Chris Evan’s did an amazing job. Much better than the original, if you ask me.

Robert Downing Jr as Iron Man. Okay, so even I admit that I chuckled at his sarcastic one liners that were delivered with comic genius. I suppose the fact that he was contrasted by the goodie two-shoes Captain helped a bunch. But yeah, he was amazing. It kills me to say that, but he really was.

Chris Hemsworth’s Thor was a big improvement too. I suppose he isn’t a big-headed neanderthal that only wants to start war anymore. He’s actually a decent human being (or whatever he is) that is kinda funny too. So yeah. Liked him. Good job. Scarlett Johansson was good too. Her acting actually didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. There were occasions that I thought her lines weren’t funny, but you know. That’s okay. You were better than I hoped. And Hawkeye was pretty badass too. Don’t know who you are, but I would watch you again, good sir. Pretty on the eyes too. That probably helped me…a lot…ahem.

But, I think we can all say (well, probably not all of us, but I’m gonna go ahead and say it anyway) that the film’s greatest achievement was the Hulk. Mark Ruffalo, again you have provided us with an exceptional performance. You have restored faith in all those Marvel fans that Bruce Banner can indeed be projected onto the big screen. He was relatable. He was emotional. He was funny. He was just badass. I don’t care what anybody says. The Hulk is truly the greatest character in this whole film. I was so right. Yeah.

Oh. But we can’t forget Loki. The character that was really kind of pathetic in the original Thor. Where the hell did all this epicness come from? I don’t actually care. It rocks. It’s sexy. Loki is possibly one of the most beautiful villains I have ever seen. And he is so scary too. I almost didn’t want him to fail. Tom Hiddleston is a fantastic actor, and someone that I will most definitely be keeping an eye out for in future films. In fact, I’ll probably end up trying to watch his older films too. ‘Coz I’m cool like that.

The fight scenes were incredible. My friend thought I wouldn’t enjoy them, seeing as a lot of fight scenes get boring to me unless it’s Lord of the Rings. But this was immense. It was everything a fight scene should be. And there were quite a few of them too. But not once did I get bored. I would actually go as far as to say that not once did my eyes leave the screen. I was hooked. Intense stuff man. Beautifully shot, right amount of humour. Perfect.

I’m not going to say that I understood all of the film. I didn’t. I’m not a huge Marvel fan, so a lot of the back-stories were a little fuzzy for me. But this film is fine for those that do and don’t know those things. I didn’t feel lost in the film. It’s a film of its own. Naturally, it helps to have the knowledge, but I did fine without it.

So…okay I’ve hit over 800 words now. Can you tell I’m excited?

My friends will be so happy that I enjoyed this film. He was dreading my review, knowing how I felt. Well dude, I loved it. It was incredible. I would very much recommend everybody to go and watch this film. I don’t know how I went this long without watching it. They don’t lie when they say this is the film of the year. Amazing.

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