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So here we are. Day 3. Get yourselves comfortable. Coz I sure as hell am not.

 Rise of the Planet of the Apes. A remake of the old series, showing how in the search to cure Alzheimer’s, one genetically enhanced  chimpanzee can lead monkeys to freedom.

Now. I must admit before I go any further that I am not a fan of monkeys. I never have been. Chimps in particular are one of my least favourite animals. No particular reason. I just don’t like them.

Now though? I. Am. Petrified.

Andy Serkis’ performance of Caesar, the genetically enhanced chimpanzee, was just unbelievable. At first, I was alright with the whole ‘film about monkeys’ thing. I really kind of started to like him. And then he turned evil. Evil may not be the right word. He revolted. He became a leader. He freaking spoke.

The second that chimp yelled the word ‘No’, I swear I nearly died. It was honestly one of the most horrific sounds I have ever heard, and will probably suffer with nightmares because of it. And from then on, my heart felt like someone was gripping onto it and I could not move. Whether that’s a good thing or not, I’ll leave you to decide. But my life, I will not be heading to the zoo anytime soon.

The film itself is really really good. I’m rather annoyed at myself for liking it, and will have to admit to my mother that yes, she is in fact right about the film. I loved watching how Caesar turned against humans. And against my own will, I was really upset when it happened. But what fascinated me more was how, no matter how badly humans treated him, he would not kill them. Okay yeah, so he killed Tom Felton. But you could see he regretted it. I don’t think he really understood what would happen until it did. That could just be me though.

And another thing that surprised me was that I really wasn’t at all interested in the human characters. Oh no wait. That’s a lie. I liked the dad with the Alzheimer’s. I have this soft spot for the elderly who are weak and fragile and can’t defend themselves, so much to the point where I can violently start crying if they are put in harms way. You just don’t do that. So, yes, I liked him. He was lovely.

But all the other human characters, I really wasn’t that fussed in. And I think that was supposed to be the point. Even though these monkeys go around destroying all that we as humans have built, we aren’t supposed to care. We’re supposed to want them to succeed. At least I hope that’s what they meant, otherwise I’m beginning to like monkeys a whole lot more than I want to, and that isn’t acceptable.

So what’s bad about the film, you ask? If I’m quite honest, I don’t know. I can’t tell you what I didn’t like about it, besides the fact that it has forever put me in fear of chimps. I mean come on. A chimp that’s as big as a human that learns to talk? Is that not even a tiny bit freaky?

In writing this down, I realise the memory of that damn chimp is embedding itself deeper and deeper into my mind, so I’m going to have to stop writing. It’s scaring me too much. So, I’ll conclude with ‘yes, I liked the film, and no, I will never underestimate a monkey ever ever again’.

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