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So my Alien marathon is over. Didn’t actually realise that it was, but I was well informed before we watched this film that it is not a part of the Alien franchise. I got all sad, but got over that quite quickly. But nonetheless, let’s get going with Day 105.

Predator. After being lured into the heart of a jungle, a team are left facing one of the most deadly creatures ever to exist on the planet.

Not going to lie. I didn’t really want to watch this film. As you may have noticed in the previous post, I’ve never been a big Arnie fan. Mostly after his horrific performances in Batman and Robin and The Expendables. So when I found out that it was he that would hog the limelight in this film, I won’t lie that I was less than amused.

Oh how wrong I was.

There is only one word for this film. Kickass. I cannot explain to you how much I love this film. It is hardcore awesomeness. It actually is. There are so many reasons for this…so many reasons…

We’ll get Arnie out of the way, shall we? I think my main problem with him is when he opens his mouth. It’s just not good. Okay, the occasional line he delivered was convincing. I think it’s mostly when he’s trying to be funny or do anything more than shout out orders. But when his mouth is closed, he magically transforms! There were moments of absolute, undeniable talent from this man when he kept his mouth closed. For example, he does the ‘what-the-fuck?’ look extremely well. He also does the ‘holy shit’ look very well. And…well it kills me to say this…but when he didn’t open his mouth, I found him rather easy on the eyes. Stupidly easy on the eyes. It annoyed me beyond belief. But yeah. Okay. So this film was a good moment for Arnie. Still don’t forgive you for Mr Freeze…but you have gained slight respect for this film.

The other actors were…well they were just there really. That’s kind of saying something when even Arnie outshines you. But, to be honest, with lines like ‘If it bleeds, we can kill it’ and the oh so famous ‘GET TO THE CHOPPER!’, how does anyone else stand a chance? I’m also not going to pretend that I knew this film had that line in it. I honestly had no clue that the famous ‘chopper’ line was from this film. So imagine my excitement when I heard it. Yep. It was quite good. I will now be a quoting that line every day of my life. It will be good times.

But I think the best part about this film is the Predator itself…

So, I had no previous knowledge to this film. I just kind of thought it was another branch of the alien movies. So you know, cannibalistic beasts with no intelligence running around killing people because it can. Oh no. No no no no no. These things are so much more. They are beyond anything I could have even imagined. They are so much smarter, so much more advanced, so much more badass than anything in the Alien films. Don’t get me wrong; the aliens from Alien 1 and 3 are freaking awesome. But this is something else. They have technology. Technology! How scary is that? Heat-sensers, voice manipulator, lasers…What the actual hell? I don’t actually think my brain can adapt to it’s epicness. I’ll tell you one thing. Hearing that thing copy the cast member’s voices is one of the scariest things I have ever seen.

This film is a whole lot more gruesome than the other films too. I actually felt a little sick during the whole thing. Skinning alive…urgh. My stomach is churning at the thought. But it was kind of okay to see that. It wasn’t bugs, so I didn’t have my skin crawling like I have done in films. It also didn’t freak me out to the point where I needed to huddle up to anyone. I was much more interested in how the predator hunted rather than ‘Oh my God it’s gross, hide hide hide!’. And that’s saying something for me!

Yeah. So I’m surprised to find myself saying that I enjoyed this film very very much. I honestly feel like I’m becoming increasingly nerdy by the second. But that’s okay. Nerdz rulez.

No more films for today! I’ve kind of destroyed my brain with it all. I will be updating it more frequently from now on. I promise! So, until next time!


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So here it is. The film I’d been waiting to see for ages. The film that began this intermission from my blog. A perfect way to start up again. So let’s do this! Day 42…

The Woman In Black. A modern adaption to a novel, old movie and play, this films follows Arthur Kipps; a solicitor on his last legs after the death of his wife, and on a case that becomes more dangerous than he ever imagined.

Now, I like the original of this film. My mum told me to watch it because she knew it would scare me. I watched it to prove her wrong: it’s an old film and therefore cannot be scary. Oh how wrong I was. So, naturally, upon hearing that this film was coming out, I knew that I had to watch it.

It’s taken me nearly 2 weeks to get around to writing this. And I’m quite glad I waited this long. Because I’ve had a chance to reflect upon it. And when it comes down to it, this film was just…okay.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. For a lot of this film, I was bricking it. I was literally huddled up on my cinema seat, hood over my face, begging for the scariness to end. I really was scared. But then the end (which was where it got me in the original) just didn’t compare at all. It was just a little…blah. Well, no. The actual ending of this film annoyed the crap out of everyone, and I mean everyone in the cinema. So the ending, as good as the film had been for me, has pretty much ruined it for me.

But like I said, there were definite scary bits. I can’t ruin the film, because it is worth a watch and I know a friend of mine is eagerly waiting to watch it. Not sure if he reads this, but I’ll play it safe. But I think a lot of the scare-factor for me was anticipation. I kept expecting things to be behind him when they weren’t and all that kind of stuff. And that, to me, makes it a scary film. But thinking back on it now, it possibly wasn’t that scary. Not compared to other films I’ve seen. The anticipation was what made it for me.

Now. Let’s move on to the issue that everyone has been asking: how did Daniel Radcliffe do?

His opening scene? Awful. My heart sank at his bad acting in the opening scene with his child. It was cheesy, stiff, and just plain awful. Besides, it’s Harry Potter. He’s shouldn’t have a child. He’s in school! Yes, I know he really isn’t, but that’s besides the point! He just shouldn’t be like that! Just no!

But then he started speaking to people who aren’t children. And for the life of me, I was rather impressed. When he isn’t being a hero, or loving, and just being a normal person, he does it quite well. He didn’t ruin the film for me (bar the beginning and end), and this is a big statement from me. In fact, I would go so far as to say that horror movies are possibly his forte. He plays the silent scared character very well. Possibly because he rarely has to speak, but that’s not the point.

I can’t really remember many of the other characters. The woman herself wasn’t that impressive. The kid (who’s supposed to be invisible) was a little freaky, but not overly so. So there’s not much to say on that…

Oh no. Wait. Yes there is. What happened to Spider?

The most epic dog in the history of films was thrown to the wind in this film. I loved that dog in the original film. But no. They scrapped her. This is almost as insulting to me as the scrapping of the mechanical owl in the newer Clash of the Titans movie. Ahem…sorry…rage averted…

Maybe this would be a good place to finish. I don’t really know what else to say. It scared me, but more because of the anticipation. Daniel Radcliffe was acceptable. And the dog was discarded. I would say watch it. But don’t expect wonders.

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I decided not to ask you to choose my film today, mainly because I knew exactly what I wanted to see. Everyone’s going on about The Woman In Black (which I won’t be seeing until Wednesday), so I got jealous of the scares. And so, let’s begin Day 41.

Paranormal Activity 3. The third installment of the series shows how the haunting of Kristi and Katie began back when they were both children.

Let’s get things straight. I love scary movies. I love being so scared that I probably won’t sleep at night. This is made quite easy because I am a big scaredy-cat. I won’t even try to deny it. And the Paranormal Activity films are pretty good at scaring me. It was only natural that I watch the third one.

It didn’t fail.

A lot of people would argue that the films are using the same techniques from the first two films in this film. Which is pretty accurate. They would also say that it has become predictable. To be honest, on occasions that was true. I guessed what was coming a fair few times. But you know what? That didn’t matter. It still scared the crap out of me.

I’m one of those girls that finds the anticipation just as scary as the scares themselves. This film certainly got me waiting for something to happen, when sometimes it actually didn’t happen, and that scared the crap out of me. The scenes in the mirror, for example. I couldn’t look at the screen for fear of what was to come, when nothing actually did come. That, to me, makes the film good. I’m pretty glad nothing happened in the mirror, otherwise going to the bathroom for the next few weeks would have been nervewrecking.

One of the best things for me about this film was the rotating camera. Everytime that damn camera came onto the screen, I crapped myself. I hated it. Not the bad kind of hate that I usually rage about, but a good hate. I didn’t want to look at the screen in case something jumped out at me. The babysitter did do that, but luckily I already knew about that so it didn’t scare me as much. But the moment with the girl on the kitchen counter and the floating sheet? I nearly died.

I usually do not like kid actors, as you may remember from a previous post. But as soon as you throw children into a horror film, that makes it an epic win to me. Especially little girls in white nighties and long dark hair…*shudder*. They always manage to freak me out beyond belief. So little Kristi at night never failed to scare me half to death. My poor Angry Bird teddy is feeling a little molested at the amount of times I smooshed him to my face because of that little girl.

The thing that I found a little over-the-top in the second Paranormal Activity was how the activity at the end got way out of control. It was a little fake, and after the big initial shock, wasn’t actually that scary at all. Towards the end of this one, it had started to go that way. But it recovered right at the end. I was so happy for it to end, but not because the film was bad. I just didn’t think I could take much more scary kids. I think this film was a massive improvement on the second mainly because of the ending.

Like I said, ‘Toby’s’ activities did become a little bit over-the-top towards the end, and a little less scary. But in those moments, I didn’t really mind too much, because the story could come out. I loved the backstory of this film; the rituals and the cults and all that stuff. It was fascinating, and really gave this film an edge that the other films didn’t have so much. It had a reason to it, and I respect that. And, if I’m honest, I sorta liked that the mother was in on the whole thing. It did confuse me though, because it does make you wonder how Katie and Kristi grew up without knowing their parents were brutally murdered in front of them. That’s the only thing I didn’t get. Maybe the fourth installment (which is coming out this October apparently) will explain that for me.

I don’t care what anyone says about these films, I think they are fantastic. They are exactly the kind of things straight out of my nightmares, and will always succeed in scaring the living daylights out of me. I personally would recommend the film to everybody, but I am aware that not everyone will like it. So, if you are easily scared and don’t mind the same ‘techniques’ being used over again, watch this film. It won’t fail to scare you. But, if you don’t want a backstory or want the whole thing to be very fast paced, give it a miss. This film won’t be for you. But I liked it. So there.

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